Exodus: On Course for a Cause


My first book, Exodus: On Course for a Cause was inspired by the Israelites' Exodus from Egypt to Canaan and the similarities the journey has to the Christian race. Just like the Israelites who journeyed from slavery, the sinner has moved from unbelief and the chains of sin that had  bound him, and come into the joy and freedom of Salvation in Jesus Christ.
But what happens after saying, "Yes!" to Jesus? 

On Course

There's a journey that one must take. Christianity, is a race, and just like any other athlete, one must train if they are run successfuly to the end. In the Christian race, there are burdens that must be dropped, things we must change and ways we must embrace in order to become who God has called us to be and reach the promised land.  But you ask, "Why all the hustle? Why doesn't it just end with giving one's life to Christ?"

...for a Cause

God redeemed mankind that He might once again have dominion over the earth and that all may be as glorious as He had intended it to be in the beginning.  Hence, God has an individual plan and purpose for every person that returns to Him. For each Christian, there is a promised land, a sphere of influence, a place in which to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.  
Read Exodus to unveil what God's plan is for you and how to prepare yourself to fulfill it.  

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Remain On Course... for the Cause!