The Inspiration

She thinks out loud and organizes the chaos inside her by airing it out. She needs a listening ear, and one she can fully trust.  What better gift to give her then , than a  faithfully listening ear, a heart that can be trusted, and a mind that will generously share the wisdom she needs to get ahead?  one sister to another
Dadangu is the answer!

The Vision

To see every young Christian woman reach their God-given potential in all seasons and in all spheres of their lives. 

The Mission

  • Inspire and encourage each other as women in the race of life.
  • Guide young women toward discovering God's intended purpose for their lives.
  • Encourage each other to seek God's wisdom in the making of life plans. 
  • Share proven and tested ways of successfuly managing resources.
  • Share fashion tips that are trendy and stylish yet appropriate for the modern-day, Christian woman.
  • Share biblical wisdom on how to successfuly interact with other people.
  • How to date, court, build a strong marriage and a happy home. 
  • Teach leadership skills, which are highly necessary for women to take their rightful place in society. 


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